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Dr Hendrik Müller-Lankow

Hendrik Müller-Lankow is the founder of Kronsteyn and focuses on advising securities institutions, market operators and fund initiators on all aspects of German securities, banking and investment law. He advises institutions on the implementation and adaptation of business models, including the assessment of legal issues, the drafting of general terms and conditions and other documents for consumers, interaction with the supervisory authorities including licensing procedures, the drafting and negotiation of contracts relevant to supervisory law and the drafting of sales documents for AIFs and investments. Hendrik Müller-Lankow is also one of the legal crypto pioneers and provided legal advice to the first German trading and custody systems for cryptocurrencies in the mass customer business with Kronsteyn.

Advisory fields

  • Securities trading and services

  • Market infrastructure and custody

  • Payment and crypto services

  • Fund administration and distribution

  • Money laundering and sanctions


  • Legal structuring

  • Statements and legal opinions

  • Drafting contracts and GTC

  • Coordination with authorities

  • Administrative and administrative court proceedings


  • Founded Kronsteyn in 2018

  • Admitted to the bar by the Frankfurt Bar Association since 2015 and working for a leading US top-tier law firm with a focus on tax, capital markets and regulatory law.

  • Law studies: Eberhard Karls University Tübingen (Ref. jur.), University College London (LL. M.), Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Dr. jur.) and studies of economics at the FernUniversität in Hagen (B. Sc.)

Selected publications

  • Rechtliche Unterschiede zwischen E-Geld- und vermögenswertereferenzierten Token, to be published in June 2024 in the journal WM

  • Commentary on §§ 26b and 26c German Stock Exchange Act (together with Prof Dr Christoph Kumpan), in: Eberhard Schwark / Daniel Zimmer (eds.), Kapitalmarktrechts-Kommentar, 5th ed., München (C.H. Beck) 2020

  • The Multilateral Single-dealer System – An Oxymoron under MiFID II? (together with Prof Dr Christoph Kumpan), in: Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 34 (2019), issue 9, pp. 301-310

  • Market-Making: Eine aufsichtsrechtliche Analyse des Market-Makings im Rahmen multilateraler und bilateraler Systeme, Baden-Baden (Nomos) 2018

  • Abgrenzung des Eigenhandels durch Market-Maker vom Eigengeschäft durch sonstige Liquiditätsgeber in: Wertpapier-Mitteilungen (WM) 2017, pp. 2335-2345

  • Ein-Market-Maker-Systeme in der neuen Kapitalmarktregulierung – Abgrenzung zwischen multilateralen und bilateralen Systemen (together with Prof Dr Christoph Kumpan), in: Wertpapier-Mitteilungen (WM) 2017, pp. 1777-1786

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