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Bürogebäude Nahaufnahme


Kronsteyn ist auf die Rechtsberatung im Wertpapier-, Bank- und Investmentrecht spezialisiert. Die Kanzlei steht für juristische Exzellenz und begleitet Sie dabei, Ihre rechtlichen Herausforderungen erfolgreich zu bewältigen. Damit Sie Ihren Kopf frei haben für das Wichtigste: Ihr Geschäft.



Die rechtliche Beratung von Kronsteyn erstreckt sich insbesondere auf die folgenden Themenbereiche:


  • Wertpapierhandel und -dienstleistungen

  • Marktinfrastruktur und Verwahrung

  • Bank- und Zahlungsdienste

  • Kryptowährungen und -wertpapiere

  • Fondsverwaltung und -vertrieb

  • Sanktionen im Finanzsektor



Die Kompetenzen der Kanzlei umfassen unter anderem:

  • Rechtliche Strukturierungen

  • Stellungnahmen und Gutachten

  • Vertrags- und AGB-Gestaltung

  • Abstimmungen mit Behörden

  • Verwaltungs- und Verwaltungsgerichtsverfahren

  • Aufsichtliche Meldungen

  • Securities trading and services
    Kronsteyn has in-depth expertise in advising securities institutions in connection with various forms of securities services, such as proprietary trading, financial commission business, issuing and placement business and portfolio management. This includes, for example, issues relating to the licensing requirements for business models and the support of licensing procedures, the drafting of contractual documents for the structuring of business relationships or general terms and conditions in the mass client business as well as information documents accompanying contracts, the structuring of fee and chargeback models and the conduct of official or court proceedings.
  • Market infrastructure and custody services
    Kronsteyn has in-depth expertise in advising stock exchanges and other trading venue operators on structures for securities, crypto and CFD trading, including the design of trading structures and processes in the primary and secondary markets and their embodiment in regulations, contracts and general terms and conditions in the retail business, effective settlement structures in a national and international context, as well as issues relating to custody law and licensing obligations for new business models.
  • Banking and payment services
    KRONSTEYN advises banks and payment institutions on banking transactions and payment services. Some typical services are listed below: Advice on general regulatory requirements under national and European law such as the KWG and ZAG as well as regulatory specifications such as MaRisk and MaComp Drafting and reviewing general terms and conditions and other contractual documents for private clients, professional clients and eligible counterparties Advice on current case law, for example on remuneration issues Advice on money laundering requirements, preparation and review of risk analyzes and AML/CTF manuals Advice on own funds requirements according to the CRR or ZIEV Advice on issues relating to internal remuneration models and guidelines Representation in administrative proceedings against BaFin and administrative court proceedings Support during special regulatory audits Examination of whether business models require authorization and coordination with supervisory authorities, implementation of authorization procedures Advice on sanctions and embargo law Advice on regulatory-driven group structuring and outsourcing Advice on mutual cooperation (e.g. outsourcing and white labeling models) Advice on the implementation of data protection and IT security requirements
  • Cryptocurrency and crypto securities services
    Kronsteyn is one of the legal pioneers of the crypto scene and has provided comprehensive legal advice on the establishment of the first two German trading and custody systems. The firm offers you comprehensive expertise in the supervisory regulation of systems for the issuance, trading and custody of crypto assets, the support of official authorisation procedures and the civil law structuring of contractual relationships, including general terms and conditions in mass customer business.
  • Fund administration and distribution
    KRONSTEYN advises fund initiators and brokers on the initiation and management of funds as well as fund distribution. The range of services includes: Advice on general regulatory requirements under national and European law such as KAGB, VermAnlG, WpHG and GewO Conception of AIF and investments as well as preparation of sales documents for those subject to a prospectus (sales prospectus, WAI, VIB) Conception of prospectus-free crowdfunding offers according to the EU crowdfunding regulation and the VermAnlG Supervision of approval and licensing procedures before BaFin Representation in administrative proceedings against BaFin and administrative court proceedings Review of marketing communications for regulatory compliance Creation of sales and commission agreements Advice on money laundering requirements in sales, preparation of risk analyzes and AML/CTF manuals Representation in civil court proceedings to defend against investor lawsuits Advice on cross-border fund sales
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